Why Financially Free People and Leadership Seem to Correlate

There is a leader in us all!


       Everybody wants to be a leader in something. Whether a leader means being financially free for your family and loves ones or just having enough confidence to ask a girl out on a date, it is a term that has captivated many people to play this role. Even though being a leader is awesome and has many rewards it is a challenge and it takes dedication and willingness to achieve this feat. Many people have what it takes, they just do not want to put the effort in to actually be models for other people to follow. Many people also have a fallacy that leaders must be strong or very intelligent when this is not the case. Just look at your communities and you will find that there are many people who financially free, very happy and are getting great fulfillment out of life even though they may not have the most wits or brains. All this really shows is that if you have enough drive to make any type of dream/impossibility a reality you will indulge the fruits of your labor. These fruits will be very delicious as well knowing you earned every bit of it. There is no reason why you should not be a leader in any field you pursue to be great at because there is a shortage of leaders and this makes it all the more a responsibility for you to take hold of.  

Some characteristic that define leaders are:

  • They are flexible! This means that even when things do not go as planned they are not shaken and instead adjust to the situation in the best way possible, without showing their emotions.
  • Leaders are awesome talkers! This means that leaders can effectively speak to people and groups in a manner that everyone is pleased with. Leaders will give you a sense of guarantee and assurance that way you feel comfortable in a soothing way.
  • Leaders have courage, patience and tenacity! Leaders are awesome at showing their boldness. They make the impossible look possible and when they say they will do something they do it! Leaders have a movie type effect in approaching reality and making things that seem unreal actually reality!
  • Leaders do not put themselves over everybody else! Leaders are always fair and treat all their subordinates like A-listers. They make their followers a very important part in their operations and treat them kindly and with respect.
  • Leaders are responsible! Leaders are the backbone of the company because they have to be everywhere. Leaders are the eagles in the room making sure everything is going as planned, while checking on themselves to make sure they are also doing what they need to be doing.

Overall, being a leader is a great attribute that everyone must acquire if they choose to live a daring/financially free life. There are already companies who have proven to show they are leaders in their field. For example Paso Limo, a limousine company who has taken over Paso Robles limousine space and Google a billion dollar website company that has revolutionized the internet space. As a famous coach Vince Lombardi said, “Contrary to the opinion of many people, leaders are not born. Leaders are made, and they are made by effort and hard work”. With this being said you now know what it takes to be leader, now will you choose to be one?