About Us

Wale and Korsoff

Now, this website is about Money and Freedom, so it must obviously talk about money and freedom. About the people behind Money and Freedom is a different story. Our story is about debt and slavery, a stark contrast to money and freedom as you can tell. In this story, we will tell you of how we were slaves in Uganda and were slaves that were forced to lick the ground of a slavemaster lest he kill our wives and children, not to mention that he would want to rape our wives first. This is a story of how we were forced to carry water in jugs on top of our heads for at least four miles in the sun and desert with shoes, actually sandals that constantly fell off our feet. This is the story of where we were so thirsty for water that we saw mirages of water, were excited, and ran there only to have our slave masters laugh at us, because we rushed for water that is not there. On top of that, he would drink water in front of our face. You could obviously think of buff our bodies were. We are pretty sure that a twig had more muscle than us. It is clear that we were living the times of our lives.


We run away in the middle of the desert. We mean, come on, who is going to find someone in the desert after they sneak away in the night? Our tracks were blown away in the wind!

2 Days Later with No Food —

We get to Morocco only to be captured as slaves to a wealthy family. We lived better than someone free men in Uganda. We were not content, because we were still slaves.

—One Year Later

We move up to become assistants to the family. Slave days are gone. Assistant days are gone.

-Three Days Later

The king wants us to be his slaves. His way goes.

– Three Years Later

We become the king’s assistants

–Two Years Later

We become part of the King’s Cabinet.

-Four Years Later

We leave the wealth of the kingdom to arrive in the United States. All our wealth amounted to ten US dollars.

-Two Months Later

We incorporate Salzadan LLC

-Two Years Later

We hit one million dollars in revenue.

-One Year Later

We hit one million dollars in assets for each of us, which equals two million US dollars in assets.


As you can see, it took us 18 years each to acquire one million dollars in assets. The whole thing that we appreciate the most is that we grew up from each situation we were in. We just needed a chance to prove ourselves, so we could rise via our own will. Being a slave was annoying; regardless, it taught us to work smart, please the guards, and to take the chance to run when the opportunity presented itself. After all, would the party have lasted in the desert? Last we heard, the party basically disbanded and died. The slave masters knew there were not enough supplies to take the slaves and cargo where they needed to go, so they went on their camels and left the slaves to die.’

While we were slaves again, we knew how to finesse our ways through the system to rise through the ranks to be assistants to becoming important players on the king’s cabinet. The reason we left is because we knew the peak had been reached in Morocco, so we had to move on to the next challenge. Yes, it is true that we became millionaires while arriving in US with ten dollars. Our hustle and determination were what carried us to meet distributors and whatnot.

This is our story.

P.S. We castrated that same slave master that made us kiss the ground. We made sure he was still alive to not be able to rape any one again. That sounded like a good punishment.