Why We Value Freedom

Why Pick and Choose? Have Both Health and Wealth, with God First.

We value freedom, because there is not much that equates to it. We know that there is Heaven, which does not equate to it. What is the point of making one million dollars a month if you are confined to your home. What would happen if you had a billion dollars and were confined to your bed? Would you feel like the richest man on the planet? I did not like that reality! So, when I started thinking about money, I figured that having health was more important than all the money in the world. I did not want to deal with having a big sum of money with no health to enjoy with! I would not be able to ride the roller coasters I like, eat the ice cream I want, travel to the locations I want, and a host of other ideas that you can think of.

After all, what would happen if there was no way to move out of bed? Would you just watch TV? Now, let me say the opposite. Would I prefer to be homeless on the streets with full and optimal health rather than be rich with no body to move them? I preferred to be homeless, which means more to me. Now, what would happen if I had great health and no faith in God? I would lose in the end, because Hell may be the result if I chose to stay in that methodology. Therefore, we believe having faith in God and then having good health, which is then followed by wealth. If anything, wealth allows you to enjoy the things you have in good health. You want to stay wise and have all the blessings you hope to enjoy in life, which means that you have money to give you the enjoyment in life you desire. Because of that, we prefer that you obtain BOTH HEALTH AND WEALTH. Why be poor and healthy, which usually does not happen because you are not able to buy the best of the best groceries? Why be rich and unhealthy, so you are not fully able to enjoy the fruits of your labor like being unable to ride a bike, climb a mountain, or seeing as far as you can?

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed? Why not just have the benefit of living the life you want to live by havingĀ  both health and wealth. We believe in the best possible outcome for your life, so we advise you to have the best experience! To live life is not to worry about bills as opposed to going traveling with your family and documenting them. You want to have the freedom and ability to live your life with your family to travel to new restaurants and watch TV like you want and start up any new entrepreneurial activity like you want!

We believe in the having the best quality of life that we want, so we would prefer to have BOTH HEALTH AND WEALTH. Therefore, the choice is yours of whether you want to have “both” or “either or”.

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